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Implement the Sum-Sub WebSDK technology to automate your KYC verification. The system maintains integration with numerous 2FA settings and providers (Nexmo and Google are available
by default). Leverate has established itself as a leader in the financial industry, offering superior technology solutions for brokerage companies. Its Forex CRM solutions are top-rated and offer compatibility with MT4 clients, Web-trader, and Mobile traders — allowing
traders to operate from one convenient account across three platforms at the same time. Cloud Forex CRM is a solution from PHEASANTECH, designed in 2016 to help Forex brokers and traders efficiently store confidential information.

With an all-in-one marketing and data platform, data streams from each and every one of your marketing platforms will filter into a single source of truth. No matter where you market, our system will collect data and allow you to refine your approach. Run A/B tests, get continual real-time data updates, and visualize your global network impact. We offer a large range of products and services to enhance your business operations. Allow your clients to verify their accounts before conducting any financial activities on the platform.

Create your own Forex brand and use МТ Manager to create unique trading conditions for your clients. Your partners can see all their clients, trading details, their money, and their activity. Together with Syntellicore CRM, Dynamic Works can also deliver your Forex Traders Room (Clients Area) as a bundle. We provide all the necessary tools and services to get you online providing you with leeway against your competition instantly. LXCRM was crafted to make staying in touch with your Forex traders easy. Our Payment Gateway feature allows you to securely accept payments from customers via multiple third-party payment methods, to make payments convenient.

  • This will ensure that the system includes all of the features and functionality that you need.
  • The clients can distribute their funds from the wallet to all their trading accounts or put them back to the wallet.
  • Introducing Brokers (IBs) play a pivotal role in the expansion plans of many brokerage businesses.
  • Business owners get a back office with a high-level customer and partner experience,
    a multi-tier rebate system, and a functional client’s area.

Brokers looking to expand their business need a Forex CRM compatible with the leading trading platforms. For businesses looking to take their customer relations management systems to the next level, here is a list of the five best Forex CRM providers. The system can simplify operations by automating multiple processes and connecting departments via large networks of reports. Moreover, it facilitates secure access control to critical organizational roles — so everyone is kept in sync!

User-friend Admin Dashboard to control everything at your Fingertips

A web interface for the сrурtо-сrурtо / fiаt-сrурtо ехсhаngе in a few clicks. Full customization, REST API connection to any ехсhаnges and providers. Over 20 secured and trusted payment gateways are integrated with B2Core for safe and secure payment transactions every time. Use smart lead routing rules to automatically pass leads to sales staff so that they can quickly reach out to warm prospects and convert them while interest is high. Around the world, Our employees are active on all continents, bringing our products to customers in 150 locations & regions.

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The requirements mentioned above are offered by which providers are the best ones. Identify your areas of challenges and keep your main objectives in place to firm up an appropriate business strategy. A proper vision leads you to come up with a suitable forex CRM strategy for your forex business. So here are the key things to keep in mind when choosing the best for your business. Impact CRM also offers multi-tenancy capability and can service multiple portals.


They continue to use legacy platforms when better options exist because of the effort (and expense) that has gone into integrating other business applications. In the past, fears about data loss when switching from one CRM to another has held many Forex brokerages back. Some IBs start off as single person entities but forex crm grow into larger multi-location businesses which is why the IB portal accommodates a multi-tier IB network. Delivering a more personalised customer experience also increases conversions. And by taking a holistic approach to the customer journey it is easier to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Among the most important aspects of cryptocurrency is the concept of liquidity. It is generally accepted that a liquid asset is one that is easily exchangeable for cash and that does not affect its market value in the process. When selecting the best CRM for Forex brokers, there are some key features to consider. Let’s find out what a liquidity provider is and what to consider when choosing a reliable liquidity provider. It is possible to get access to B2Core in any language necessary to differentiate and improve the product’s usability for the intended audience.

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However, there are a few factors that you should always keep in mind when making your decision. You need to make sure that the provider offers a good range of features and has a good reputation. And also you should make sure that the provider is easy to use and provides good customer support. This CRM software unlocks the potential of Forex trading platforms, allowing customers to take advantage of their full capabilities with no volume restrictions. Furthermore, connecting additional platforms is simple and straightforward.

Delivered through digital channels to promote brands and connect potential customers. The Syntellicore FX CRM solution unites three components (trader’s room, back office, and rebate system). Your partners can motivate their clients and attract new ones by using promo banners. PheasanTech Forex CRM gives you a totally secure, customized and scalable forex CRM system that will allow your team to achieve the targets, within given timeline. Forex CRM allows a small sales team to handle all the sales and support tasks effectively, within deadlines.

B2Core can be set up in a matter of minutes to work with the most common trading platforms on the market. Additionally, business owners may request a free trial edition of the solution in order to assess the solution’s creativity before spending their money. Businesses seeking to dominate their industries and unleash the creativity of their workers should consider investing in B2Core. CloudForex is an innovative CRM platform with a range of advanced tools to support expansive operations. MetaTrader 4 and 5 are popular among traders, but businesses must be aware of potential expansions into other markets requiring new platforms such as OneZero, cTrader, or Prime XM. A versatile solution should account for existing traders’ needs and future
growth possibilities.

Staking is a great way for crypto enthusiasts to earn rewards for participating in the network. Whether you’re new to the crypto world or a seasoned pro, understanding this process is essential to making the most out of your crypto investment. Improve conversions Utilize intelligent lead routing rules to automatically route leads to sales personnel, allowing them to swiftly contact warm prospects and convert them while interest is still strong. CurrentDesk is an FX CRM system that comes equipped with everything your team needs to turn more visitors into active traders. Ascertain the safety and security of your clients’ personal information To earn the title of outstanding CRM, it must be secure and protect all of your data. Choose one with the greatest degree of security certification to guarantee that the data you sell is protected.

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PHEASANTECH – A dedicated Forex Broker Solutions provider, delivering a comprehensive layout of innovative Forex Products and Services. Excellent work, amazing team, effective cost, quick support and smart work!!! The output is beyond the expectation so really appreciate the team efforts. A personal success manager will help you build the most fitting package for your needs. Wait for our official invoice from the official account department email id which is [email protected] and then do the payment. Currently, we already have 5 languages integrated apart from English, if you need any other languages to be integrated, we will get it done for you with no extra cost, provided you give us the translation.

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B2Core offers a host of features to help elevate your business experience. Benefit from streamlined processes, enhanced analytic insights and powerful automation tools that will unlock the full potential of your organization. Automated workflow offers a revolutionary approach to simplifying mundane tasks, harnessing technology for time and cost savings.